Our History

In 1974 the Horizon City Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company was comprised of 13 members, one Fire Station, one Seagraves pumper truck, and one rescue track. Then in 1975 the El Paso County Rural Fire Prevention District #1 was organized in pursuant to the provisions in Article III, Section 48-d of the Texas Constitution and Article 2351-6, Vernon's Annotated Texas. It was a taxing entity and employed the firemen for one dollar a year. County Judge T. Udell Moore appointed a five member Board of Fire Commissioners to govern the district.

The Horizon City Volunteer Fire Dept, Inc. was dissolved as a corporation in May of 1981. On the 26th of February 1994 an election was held and approved by the voters (129 in favor of formation and 9 votes against the formation) to change the El Paso Rural Fire Prevention Dist No.1 to a new taxing entity, the El Paso County Emergency Services District #1.


El Paso County Emergency Services District #1 is approximately

156 square miles and is located in far East El Paso serving approximately 48,000 citizens in our community.

The EPCESD#1 is responsible for emergency services, in conjunction with the county contracted  ambulance service, for Horizon City, Agua Dulce, Ascension, Lakeway, and other surrounding communities. The EPCESD#1 also provides assistance to EPCESD#2 when necessary to provide services for Sparks and other communities located in both districts as well as to provide mutual aid for large scale incidents within the county of El Paso to include El Paso Fire Department.

The Horizon Fire Department consists of 7 volunteer officers and 30 volunteer line firefighters who respond to approximately 1700 calls per year.

EPCESD #1 and Horizon City Fire Department utilize 13 vehicles which include a Fire Marshal vehicle and 2 chief's vehicles to respond to various types of incidents within our service area.

The volunteer firefighters participate in weekly trainings to learn and improve on EMS and Fire skills which are utilized at various emergencies.