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This form provides information about the hiring process and requierement each applicant must have in order to be consider a candidate.
All aplicants must be 18 years old and have a valid Driver's License
Completed applications should be turned into the administration office. A locked drop box will be available by front office for applicants to drop off applications after hours. Administration will make calls to applicants for items needed to complete applications.
A complete application consists of: application form. copy of Drivers License and Insurance, Resume with Reference, and a Physical.
Once the candidate submit his/her application the administration will process it, and if it is approved the individual will be contacted for an interview. Interviews will be done 2nd Tuesday of teh odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November).
If the applicant passed the interview board then he/she will be singed up for a Criminal background check and drug test though American Data Bank. The applicant will have 2 working Laboratory days to go for the 10 panel drug test.

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Thank You for your interest in your Horizon City Fire Department. Your volunteers are made up of people in your community who are committed to keeping you safe.
Volunteers at HCFD are your local teachers, doctors, truckers, business owners, paramedics, college students, servicemen and professional firefighters.
Volunteers respond not only to fires but to medical emergencies, car accidents, and all 911 calls where someone's life is at stake.
The skills learned come during training given by senior firefighters and ranking officers.
Training includes:
  1. How to properly put on gear
  2. Stretch fire hose
  3. Use the jaws of life
  4. How to put out fires 
  5. Preservation on property


Use the finest apparatus and facilities in the county.

FREE Training - Firefighting Rescue operations

FREE Uniforms and Protective Equipment

FREE Insurance - Death and Disability and Workers Compensation