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15.  Discussion and take action on Employee manual. (Tommy Cano)

16. Discussion and take action on mapping update. (Ed Hamlyn)  

17. Discussion and take accion on revision on bank signature cards. (K Ames) 

18.  Discussion and take action on previous years inspections . (Guillen)

19.  Discussion and take action on technology quote from AST. (K. Ames)

20.  Discussion and take action on hiring 2-3 additional Deputy Fire Marshal. (Guillen) 

21.  Discussion and take action on attendance to FEMT Professional Development Progran, if selected. (Guillen)

22 Discussion and take action on attending State Fire Marshal's Conference Oct. 15-20th. (Guillen)

23.  Discussion and take action on pump testing. (Menendez)

24.  Discussion and take action on weight equipment. (Menendez)

25.  Discussion and take action on surplus HP computer serial #73QS3J1. (Larson)

26.  Discussion and take action on fire equipment(Menendez)

27.  Discussion and take action on training land. (Menendez)


      The Board of Commissioners will retire into Executive Session pursuant to Section 551.071-551.076 of the Texas Government Code to discuss the following: (The items listed below are matters of the sort routinely discussed in Executive Session, but the Board may move to  Executive Session any of the items on this agenda, consistent with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

Section 551.071 Consultation with Attorney

Section 551.072 Deliberation regarding real property

Section 551.073 Deliberation regarding prospective gift

Section 551.074 Personnel matters

Section 551.076 Security matters

    The Board of Commissioners will take action on the following after returning from Executive Session:

28.  For the Good of the District

29.  Set next meeting date and time for regular meeting in July.

30.   Adjourn 


By:  ___________________________________

      Ron Larson


      El Paso County ESD#1

    I, the undersigned authority, hereby certify that the above notice of the meeting of the Board of Commisioners of El Paso County Emergency Services District No. 1, is a correct copy of the notice the I posted and I did post this notice at least seventy-two (72) hours preceding the scheduled meeting at Horizon City Fire Department, 14151 Nunda Ave., Horizon City, Texas, 79928


By: __________________________________

      Ron Larson


      El Paso County ESD


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