Search and Rescue Team of the Horizon Fire Department

The team was orienting its self to the mountainous terrain where wildlife, weather, and unknown territory are factors that are often considered when rescuing a patient. The team was guided by a State Parks representative who educated the team on the topography and types of rescues that have occurred in the area.

Shown from left to right: Chief Kris Menendez, Capt. Daniel Ames, FF Sergio Gonzalez, FST Gilbert Ramirez, FF Bobby Bautista, and FST Ben Manriquez.



The pictures are of the guys doing a live hose training usign foam. They are learning about the  different properties of foam and how to make it different consistencies.

We use foam for  hydrocarbon (Fuel), tires, and house fires.

There have been a lot new changes in the service about foam and the residential house fire.

We are moving in the direction of how to properly introduce these advances in technology to the Citizens of Horizon City, and surrounding areas.